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8 Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Blowout!

Hey what up yall!

I am SO excited to kickstart my business blog back up and running! Anyway, we will go down “memory lane” about my journey at a later day  (or read my FIRST blog “Launched”) as I want to get to the good stuff (and the reason you came over).

Ok, on to the good ish!

Most business owners have already started planning for their Holiday 2017 promos and sales. However, there are still some entrepreneurs & business owners that have not even begun to think about THE busiest holiday shopping days starting with Black Friday 2017, which is November 24, 2017…ONLY 23 DAYS (from the date this post was written).

Keep in mind, in 2016 Black Friday Online Sales generated OVER $3 BILLION DOLLARS (and another source)

I personally purchased some good things on my quest such as courses, marketing materials, planner, and some booties.

How are you preparing for Black Friday? Are you prepared? Are you ready? Already have things completed? Even have a clue what is for sale?

Yes? No? Not Yet? Not Really?

If you answered or said ‘um-hm’ (in agreeance)”No”, “Not yet” or “Not Really” then, then this blog is just for YOU!

And think about it, you can start incorporating the tips IMMEDIATELY!

Straight to the point tips for service and product based businesses wanting to get earn some additional cash to their bottomline.

If you are ready to get into action for Black Friday, here are 8 last minute tips to help you prepare your products and/or offerings for one of the most anticipated biggest shopping (and money moves) day!

[OH! The info below can apply to Cyber Monday or any other holiday]

Ready to get into it?

  1. Review what products and services have been your highest selling or most engaging amongst your inventory. This is your starting point on getting ready to create your deals, offers, etc.
  2. Determine your numbers:
    1. Review your pricing,
    2. Determine the amount of products and/or select service you need to sell to obtain your bottom line numbers for holiday sells,
    3. What are your expenses?
  3. Review your systems that are currently in place:
    1. Can your current system handle additional traffic,
    2. Do you have a back up method,
    3. Is your site mobile friendly (majority of customers are purchasing directly from their phone or smart devices),
  4. Determine the incentive/offer/percentage that would be applicable to the products and services
    1. Offer loyalty customer incentives,
    2. Mailing list only offers,
    3. New customers to turn them into repeat customers
  5. Bundle up Baby: review your products and/or services and create bundle packages. This is a great way to drive more awareness of your business/brand, offer more value, and provide incentive in the package.
  6. Setup Gift Card Offers: this is a great tip because you are having your potential and/or returning customers come back and shop. Or your customer will purchase for a loved one to help with building awareness of your business.
  7. Treat your Holiday 2017 sales as “new” product launches: the reason I say this because if you are excited about the offers that are coming up, then guess what…your customers will get excited as well.
  8. Breathe baby. Even with the excitement, anxiety, stress and more dealing with the holiday offers, remember to breathe! Yes there will be some pressure, but everything is going to be ok. Handle the necessary tasks in doses and incorporate breaks and unwind with family, friends, or whatever you like to do to unwind.


There you have it…8 straight to the point last minute tips to help you prepare for your Black Friday Blowout!


Are you ready to tackle your holiday plans and get a game plan in order?

Are you needing further assistance to launch THAT product or service?

Need help with bundling to help have products or services for your holiday sales?


If you answered YES to any of the three questions above,

I want to work alongside you to get your products/services in order so you can get these coins and dollars for the holiday. I am opening a certain number of spaces at a B.F.B (Black Friday BLOCKBUSTER) Rate to work exclusively with me, but ONLY for a limited amount of time!

Schedule my BLOCKBUSTER Rate!

We can discuss how to efficiently manage your timeline (even with the short amount of time), how to prepare for Cyber Monday, Christmas and MORE, how to incorporate the right systems for your business, or whatever you would like, as it is your session.


If you are ready to efficiently launch your products and/or services within the specified timeframe, then Let’s Work!



Don’t delay, click the link above!


Now, go and put in action for your Black Friday Success!

Talk to you soon!



P.S..comment below with the stage you’re currently in for your Black Friday Blowout!

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