5 Ways to Take Action for New Day, New Opportunities in 2018.

I hope each of you had brought in the New Year (safely) with Style, Grace, and Goals! Alot of people have the misconception that January 1, 2018 is going to be LIT for them with the “New Year, New Me” attitude. While I hope that is the case for you and your pursuits and your […]

3 Simple Ways to Prepare for Next Quarter, NOW!

Hey Hey! How has the past 30, 60, 90 days been going for you? What is the ONE PHRASE that you would associate over the past quarter? WIth this being stated, are you ready for next quarter? Yes! Yikes…has not even crossed my mind. No?. Huh? If you read the last word above “Huh” you […]

8 Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Blowout!

Hey what up yall! I am SO excited to kickstart my business blog back up and running! Anyway, we will go down “memory lane” about my journey at a later day  (or read my FIRST blog “Launched”) as I want to get to the good stuff (and the reason you came over). Ok, on to […]

Easy Ways to Upgrade your Business

Hey good people! I hope you had a great week thus far and staying productive in your pursuits. Since Valentine’s Day is over with, it is time for some tough love to be delivered. I have noticed some personal “business” email addresses going around as the point of contact for conducting business.  Since I noticed this (with […]

5 Ways to Pay for your Professional Development

Professional development will always be a continuous evolution and investment that is necessary, regardless of which industry you practice or would like to learn more information to help enhance your skillset, deepen your knowledge, and help further yourself in your pursuit. With the According to U.S. Student Loan, Americans currently owe over $1 trillion dollars […]

WIN GOLD! Be a Conqueror in YOUR Arena

  Let me first start by saying , THIS 2016 Rio Olympics was absolutely phenomenal! IF you missed out of some iconic, emotional, and pivotal moment, please check them out HERE to watch highlights from every sport! Each and everyone of the Olympians have competed on a local, state, national, now world sporting platform, which […]

WIN GOLD! Pushing through, even when you want to QUIT!

  Have you ever started something and wanted to quit? I can honestly say that I have experienced this feeling of wanting to quit and simply curl up in a ball and hide because of shame or embarrassment. There are some millionaires/billionaires that have encountered similar feelings during the “grind” and also wanted to quit.; […]

I Launched….and YOU CAN TOO!!!

5…4….3…2….1….. Ready for Take OFF! Hello everyone and welcome to Get Level Consulting! I am SO excited that you were able to check out my website, learn about me, the current services, or you simply received this post via social media. This is my first official post and signifies as “the beginning” of many more blogs. […]