I Failed the PMP or CaPM and Don’t Know What Else to Do!

Are you feeling….

Pissed! Frustrated! Devastated!

Because you received the following message “Unfortunately, you did not pass the Project Management Professional (or Certified Associate in Project Management exam)…”

After the countless hours, time, energy and sacrifices, you are starstruck and wonder how in the hell did you not pass this certification…right?

And you were banking on passing the exams to help you…

–Obtain a new job promotion,

–Need the certification to start submitting for bids and proposals as a contractor/subcontractor,

–Help with your merit increase,

–A requirement for your job to fulfill the roles and responsibilities,

–Start exploring new opportunities.


Believe me, I know all these feelings too well!

I was once in your shoes, because I, too, FAILED the project management certification exam my first go round. And I experienced frustration and embarrassment to share that I FAILED! I figured that by not passing meant I (personally) was a failure and thought I would NEVER obtain the certification to get me further ahead in my professional career.

However, after I took a break and got back in the right mind frame, I decided to tackle this path, again.

After revising my strategy, I ended up:

-Gaining more clarity what I did incorrectly the first time,

-Created an effective study plan after paying for the certification (for a second time),

-Used hand selected study tools and resources to aid in my knowledge (all material is NOT the same)

-Passed the PMP with 4Proficient Areas and 1 Mostly Proficient (BIG difference from when I received 3 Mostly Proficient and 2 Below Proficient areas)

-Received the salary increase I wanted at my corporate job,

-AND I helped other corporate professionals kick this a**!

Now, it is YOUR turn to kick this test!

It is NOT the end of the world if you did not pass the project management certifications the first or second time. Just requires a good mindset, determination, and persistence.

With some modifications and revamp in your strategy, we can get you back on track to help with passing the project management exam (PMP or CaPM).

Because I genuinely want to help you get back in the game to kick this test A**, I am offering for a LIMITED TIME a GREAT incentive!

You can schedule a complimentary session with me to discuss your current status and your timeline to retake the exam so we can discuss areas of opportunities.

I normally do not do this, but this is ONLY for serious professionals ready to excel in passing the exam.

If this sounds like you…then do not continue sulking because there is HOPE!

So, do not wait any longer!

Schedule your complimentary 15-minute session to discuss how to get you back in the game to pass the exam!

Schedule NOW!


*the PMP and CaPM exams are changing March 2018 to align with the updated PMBOK 6th edition