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Hey, I’m Megan Young-Gamble! I am a Success Strategist (and the Beauty behind the Brand 🙂 )that helps aspiring and evolving entrepreneurs get “unstuck” in their business pursuits at their current level by developing innovative approaches to drive growth and accelerate their business to the next level.  I also help aspiring project managers that are ready to pass their project management certification exams so they can earn the coins they want and deserve to align with their career advancement.

My mission is simple: Authentically deliver superior level of service, with effective strategies, without deviating away from the client’s ultimate goal.

Easy! You envision what your “big picture” may be from the goal, outfit, audience/clients, and engagement. It is my responsibility to help you achieve your big picture. Similar to the concept “help me to help you”.

How did I Get Started?

With over 10 years of corporate experience in various industries including health & beauty,  science manufacturing, property management, customer relations,  and risk management, has afforded me the opportunity to possess a diverse portfolio from my corporate position to provide effective strategies to entrepreneurs in their business pursuits.

When working with the majority of my clients, I hear some of the following frustrations with their project:

-There is not enough time in the day to even THINK about starting a business,

-I want to start a business but don’t know where to start,

-How would I balance the 9-5 job and possibly a side business?

-What if I do not get the level of support from family and friends?

-Is this even the right direction to pursue?

-I need help managing the timeframe for a particular project because I’m going crazy,

-I want to pass the project management certifications, yet, I do not know where to begin?

-I failed the project management certification exam, what in the HELL can I do to take again?

-I want to excel in my career but not sure if a business will allow me to juggle both.

Sound familiar? Probably so!

 YES! Schedule Me in NOW!

And, these are just a FEW of the frustrations expressed….

And I get it!  To be transparent, I am a working professional (as a Project Manager) excelling in both career and business. And it is COMPLETELY doable to manage your 9-5 and business! We just need to discuss how to incorporate effective processes in place to help you accelerate forward.

“Communication and customer service are two of the many essential components when working with clients to ensure streamline process. It takes two to tango” ~Megan Young-Gamble

Few Fun Facts about me :

  1. I consider myself a multi-potentialite! Check out this awesome TedTalk by Emilie Wapnick that goes in-depth on the meaning.
  2. I am a fitness dance instructor helping women to exude confidence in every room (I used to be part of a dance company)
  3. I love listening music, and appropriate since my Husband is a Music Producer.
  4. I sort all of my clothes, shoes and accessories by type and color as my easy “go to” picks ,
  5. I love accessories, especially bold statement neck and arm candy!

Pretty much, I am Adaptable, Creative, and Organized.

And suits the Project Manager that I am!

Since you know more about me, I am ready to know about you and your current project!

Click the link below so we can discuss your current project and how to turn those frustrations into coin-generating tasks.

YES! Let’s Get to Work!