Ready to Kick-Start my Project Management Journey

Are you ready to kick-start your project management journey?

Have you been thinking about obtaining the project management certification to help you accelerate your career?

If so, then YOU ARE IN LUCK!


That is why I WANT to help you Succeed and Accelerate your professional career and knowledge forward! That is why I created the PiMP your PMP, 10 Ways to prepare for your journey prior to your application.

pmp and capm checklist

Inside I share:

  • key steps you need to know prior to starting your journey,
  • what you need to know prior to starting your application,
  • AND…fill in the blank info to help you follow along!


I completely understand you wanting to start this new pursuit because I WAS IN YOUR SHOES!

I rigorously self-studied and prepared for my Project management certification, started, stopped, had self-doubt, anxious and more. Because I wanted to earn a promotion, get a merit increase and transition into a new industry.


Look, I get it! It is hard getting into the right mind-frame to conquer this journey. However, with effective preparation, you can do it!

If you were like me, then you may be feeling:

  • I need to obtain this certification to get a promotion,
  • I want to obtain the certification to transition into a new industry,
  • I want and need this certification to earn additional coins (aka merit increase)

If so, then you are ready to PiMP your PMP journey!

pmp and capm checklist

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