3 Simple Ways to Prepare for Next Quarter, NOW!

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How has the past 30, 60, 90 days been going for you? What is the ONE PHRASE that you would associate over the past quarter? WIth this being stated, are you ready for next quarter? Yes! Yikes…has not even crossed my mind. No?.


If you read the last word above “Huh” you may be wondering why I said that. Well, reason being is because you may not have even BEGUN to think about next quarter because you are simply just trying to get through today, the month, and remaining month of the year.

Well, I have some good news for you….


Ok, Ok…here it is…

You CAN start preparing for next quarter based on the work you put in today!  YEP! I said that correctly. And this is applicable regardless of how long you may have been in business, thinking of starting a business or excelling in your professional career ready to get a project management certification.

I am going to share 3 quick points on how you can start preparing for next quarter NOW!

So, let’s get!

For my aspiring entrepreneurs, here is the “BiZ T.E.A”

  1. If you ever considered starting a business, regardless of the reason, make sure that you are committed to starting this endeavor. Start assessing, what you are passionate about, what are your gifts, how much are you willing to invest in this endeavor, and do you possess time management skills?
  2. Determine if you want this business to be a “business”, “side hustle” or “hobby” (YES there is a difference). This will help you to determine which business structure, if applicable, is necessary when starting off. Also review the IRS Small Business page to learn more about the various business structure, tax information, etc. Always contact a licensed professional to obtain financial information to personally discuss your options.
  3. If you are going to proceed with being a business, start reviewing the cost of the business licenses, and basic necessities/accessories for your business. Most cases, if you apply for a business license, the registration is on a calendar year basis (January-December) and renews yearly typically in Q1 the following year. Therefore, determine the time frame you want to officially operate your business. For example, if you want to start a personal training business,  you would want to determine the following:

-Am I passionate about working out?

-Do I want to promote a healthier lifestyle?

-Would this be considered a business or hobby?

-What are my strengths/gifts?

What certification do I need?

-What are the costs of the certification, if needed?

-Would you need health fitness insurance?

And THIS is just a starting point!

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Now…for my current entrepreneurs, here are your GBITES:

  1. Review your current goals and start crafting a plan of action for next quarter. By conducting this analysis, you will be able to determine which goals you have accomplished, exceeded, failed, and not completed. Determine what goals from the past two quarters, current quarter and direction of your business to decide which tasks should be priority for next quarter.
  2. Take all the information that you have obtained, sort through, and APPLY. I know, we receive a lot of information because we have a lot of things we want to accomplish. However, we have YET to apply some of the teachings into effect (…hell, THIS is information). Take this time to start going through ALL the notes, ALL the entries in your business journal or planner, and review the direction of your business to prioritize the information to incorporate.
  3. Create a timeline of when you want to accomplish the goals based on the precedented last two points. Once you review your goals and create your priority list of implementing the knowledge you receive, set your timeline of when to accomplish them by. For example, if one of your goals is to reach out to a new business to pitch a new service, consider the following?

Is this said ideal client the type of client you want to work with based on the direction of your business?

Have you researched the ideal client?

Do your products and/or services align with the ideal client?

Does your pitch match your services?

Why would they need you?

How can you help them?

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Now for my professionals ready to P.i.M.P The PMP….

  1. Determine if your current position is going to give you the experience you need earn the required hours necessary to submit your application for project management certification. If not, inquire with your supervisor on working on new projects, volunteer with an organization that could be in alignment with PMI certification standards, or personal initiatives your involved with,
  2. Review your results from practice test and determine to assess if there is a trend between your scores across the process groups or knowledge areas. THIS is the great starting point to know which areas require more time and practice.
  3. Look at your calendar and book a date! Yes, if you have the timeframe and date booked for your test, it will put you in the “HOT” seat, but it is for your own good. this will help craft an execution plan and strategize how to P.i.M.P the PMP.

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Now…it is your turn. Sounds simple enough, right? I know, easier said than done. My response to the “easier said than done” is break it down that is best for you to start implementing. So, regardless if you can apply all three now, start with one step a day to complete over three days, or however is best for you. By taking these three simple yet effective steps and start implementing them NOW in your current pursuits, will definitely help you prepare for next quarter!

Tell me know what stage your currently in below in the comments!

Talk Soon!


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P.S…I shared 3 Simple Ways to Start Preparing for Next Quarter, NOW! Scroll up to check them out!


Biz T.E.A=Biz “Tools to help Entrepreneurs Accelerate”

GBites=small biz nuggets for the hungry Go-Getter

P.i.M.P=Plan Improve Master Pass

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