Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to help you during the full packaging lifecycle to help you create your personal good product.

Get Level Consulting (GLC) is a boutique operations management firm with an all-inclusive team, that delivers packaging solutions to consumer brands in the beauty, wellness, and personal care industries from conception to distribution to launch. 


We help take the frustration out of the inputs of packaging during your development so you can focus on building the brand as GLC team focus on the execution to help P.I.M.P your Packaging!



The efforts at GLC are led by the Principal Consultant and Founder, Megan Young Gamble, who is a veteran project manager, trainer, speaker, and packaging specialist.


Fast Facts about GLC

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We can help!

Did you know, Packaging should be considered at the beginning of your development stage? And we are the experts to get it down the right way!

Behind every great product is a project manager to keep things in order to completion. We meet you right where you are!

Great! You have a beautiful product with packaging…now how are you thinking about the logistics of your products from the beginning? Are your your products getting broken during transit? Let us help!

Behind every great team are leaders! When working in tandem with each other, you must work smarter not harder. And we want to help equip our leaders to be their optimal selves to drive great results.

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