(OLD HOME) We are in the business of delivering Packaging solutions to beauty & wellness brands!

Let us help you P.I.M.P Your Packaging™ from Conception to Your Retail Shelf!

Check out how we take your concept and execute it with ease!

We are in the business of
delivering packaging solutions to personal good brands!

Let us help you navigate to the right destination

Launching a product is no easy task. And there are so many things to consider which can be frustrating. We have the resources to serve as your “in-house” project team offering “done-for-you” solutions. Learn more about our services and schedule a 15 minute insight session

Whether you need to fine tune your strategy, need direction on suppliers and vendor, or conduct product audit, we can assist you. Click Here to book the session. 

You know you NEED help; however, may not be in your budget to work one-on-one with our practice. However, You STILL need to know how the industry works.  Through our training and development division, we have self-paced trainings, masterclasses, intensives and more available through Accelerate Level Institute.

Yay! There is a lot to learn about the industry and you can pivot to new and fun opportunities. We offer one-on-one sessions and self-paced trainings to aid in your career transition.

You are in for a treat as our founder and principal consultant, Megan Young Gamble, is termed as “The Project ExecutionHER™ who has an engaging, outgoing and electrifying presentations. Learn more by clicking here. 

We believe every professional is good at what they do. Sometimes, when all professionals come together can not work in the best favor of the organization, departments and team. 

Review our website. We recommend starting at the Resources or Services Pages so we can help you NOW!

Who We Are!

Get Level Consulting (GLC) is a boutique operations management firm delivering packaging solutions to personal good brands from conception to distribution to launch. We help take the frustration out of the inputs of packaging during your development so you can focus on building the brand as GLC team focus on the execution to help P.I.M.P your Packaging™!


With our creative and solution-driven approach, we have the resources you need to help with your packaging solutions needs.

What does
"P.I.M.P your Packaging mean?

Great Question!

Every client we partner with requires a tailored approach as there is no “one size fit all”. We meet you right where you are to help with your packaging solution needs to completion. 

P.I.M.P your Packaging™ is our proprietary four-phase approach utilized in delivering the final packaging outcome for your brand. With this method, we get very granular with the details to help you to your retail shelf. 

Here is a summary of our process:

  • Plan: Identify the issue and determine the best plan of action,

  • Implement: Tackle the plan of action and deliver the right packaging solutions,

  • Monitor: Track the tasks executed with proper communication,

  • Prepare for Launch: Coordination of products to the right location for your launch.

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Megan consistently maintained a high standard for quality and accuracy in her work. As a project manager Megan is very detailed oriented and very well organized. Her ability to support our team and lead the project management of each task was very instrumental in our projects success. It was such a pleasure working with Megan and I would recommend her as I am confident her contributions will be an asset to any organization
I worked with Megan on the management of product development for a beauty brand. In a smaller company you must wear many hats and Megan’s versatile skills and talents allowed to think beyond her immediate role. I was always very thankful for her attention to detail.

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