The Level Process

What is the process? Glad you asked!  Each client goes through THE LEVEL PROCESS

INNOVATE [verb]: “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products; incorporate something new.”

We assess where you currently are, listen to your ideas and goals. As communication is the forefront of our operations. During this time we take the necessary steps to work:

  • Evaluate your current process,
  • Assess what has been working and not,
  • Determine the end goal.


FORMULATE [verb]: “create or devise methodically (a strategy or a proposal); express (an idea) in a concise or systematic way”

Once we have evaluated your current process and assessed the areas of opportunities, we will then:

  • Collaborate or Craft a plan of action to align with the client’s goals,
  • Help craft a timeline to help our client(s) realistically know where they stand and the timeframe on accomplishing the respective tasks,


ACCELERATE [verb] : (of a vehicle or other physical object) begin to move more quickly., increase in amount or extent.

After the FORMULATE process, we then help our client(s) create realistic timelines on accomplishing their respective tasks in the necessary stages to help accelerate your process.

REPEAT: When working with a client, we will repeat our three-step process as needed to correct any processes to make sure we address our client’s needs.


Now, since you know a little bit about me and the process, I’m ready to help YOU! Ready to start ACCELERATING to start earning the coins you want and deserve in starting and scaling your business and preparing for the project management exam. Let’s get to work!


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