Product and Packaging Powerhouse with Megan Young Gamble

Gain industry insights from professionals to help you advance, ascend, and accelerate into retail.

Subject Topics Include:

Product Development from R&D and Manufacturing.

Project Management from various sides of the business,

Packaging Development understanding materials, production.

Packaging Design from aesthetically pleasing and compliant with industry strandards,


Welcome From Megan

Hey everyone!

I'm Megan, your host for the Product and Packaging Powerhouse™, where we dive into the world of business operations, packaging development & design, and project management. Get ready for authentic conversations that are meant to educate and empower!

Join me as I chat with industry powerhouses experts, and game-changers who share their stories, insights, and advice. We'll cover everything from starting and scaling businesses to nailing packaging and project management.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this podcast is for you. Let's create a supportive community where we learn, grow, and celebrate together.

So, grab your headphones, subscribe to the podcast, and get ready to level up!

Megan Young Gamble, PMP®
The Project ExecutionHER®


Episode: 24


Episode: 23

Packaging Design, Influence, & Integrity

In this episode, Vicki Strull, a packaging and design consultant shares the evolution of technology in packaging,  misconceptions about packaging design. the importance of brand integrity plus insights on the subconscious impact of touch on shoppers' behavior. 


Episode: 22

Driving the Circular Economy: Sustainability, Laws and More!

In this episode, Julia Willsie shares provides insight on the importance of the circular economy, key regulations to know and more!


Episode: 21

"Creating a Sustainable Skincare Collection with Brand Founder

In this episode,  Carolina Lopez, CEO and Founder of BEJOU Skincare shares her inspiring journey from engineering to clean beauty entrepreneurship, emphasizing sustainability, mental wellness, and overcoming challenges with manufacturers.

Episode: 20

"Moment of Transparency: Biz Lessons Starting the Podcast

Did you know most new podcasts do not make it past episode 3?

In this episode, Host Megan Young Gamble, PMP® shares starting the podcast, lessons learned and tapping into the "Mamba Mentality".


Episode: 19

“The Power of Brand Value & Resilience in Procurement”

In this episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews Rachel Hassall, VP of Procurement at Harvest Hill Beverage Company. Rachel emphasizes the importance of sustainability, regulations, and resilience in procurement. 

Episode: 18

MoCRA, Misconceptions and Regulatory Risk" - Ariana Farina, Regulatory Consultant @ Ariana Farina

In this episode, Ariana Farina shares insight around MoCRA, misconceptions and other regulations to be on the lookout for.


Episode: 17

2024 Trends & Insights

In this episode, Megan Young Gamble, Host of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, around some featurued news in the beauty world. 



Episode: 16

Recapping 2023 New Trends and Insights for 2024"

In this episode, Megan Young Gamble, Host of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, shares insights on trends in year of 2024.


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Episode: 15

Packaging Sustainability to Professional Networking

In this episode, Brad Levin, a packaging professional, joins host Megan Young Gamble to discuss sustainability, packaging challenges, and networking in the industry. 



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Episode: 14

 Importance of Compelling Beauty Marketing Campaigns & Balancing Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Sandra Pitropia discusses the importance of marketing for compelling campaigns and balancing entrepreneurship highlighting the challenges of sustainability, the evolution of diversity and representation in the beauty industry, and  capture firsthand consumer data.

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Episode: 13

Setting your Brand Foundations in Place + Building an Agency

In this episode of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, Leonard Grape, a brand strategist and founder of The Vineyard, shares valuable insights on building and growing an agency.


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Episode: 12

"Life of Packaging Artwork Manager"-Christina Troutman, Senior Project Manager @ Veritiv Corporation

In this episode, Christina shares day in the life of a packaging artwork manager, working with key stakeholders to ensure all information and graphics are initiated and managed through to production. Great role to transition to the industry.

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Episode: 11

"Holistic Beauty Marketing -Tara Paton, Founder TP&Co. Marketing Strategy & Research Firm

In this episode, marketing executive Tara Paton discusses the power of holistic marketing strategies through personalized messaging, market research, and building relationships with customers in the beauty industry.

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Episode: 10

Transition into Beauty Project Management: Insight on Salary and Skillset-Megan Young Gamble

In this episode, podcast host, Megan Young Gamble, shares insight on transitioning into the Beauty Project Management, salarry ranges and key skills to thrive in the industry.

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Episode: 09

 The Power of Sustainable Packaging-Cory Connors

In this episode, Cory Connors, infamously known as Corygated®, shares his “detour to destination” journey into the world of packaging.

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Episode: 08

Automotive Packaging, Returnable Software & Need for Diversity in Packaging-Camille Chism

In this episode on Product & Packaging Powerhouse, we connect with Camille Corr Chism, diving into the world of automotive packaging. 

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Episode: 07

Insider Tips from O.G Communications Powerhouse Corynne Corbett

In this podcast episode, powerhouse guest Corynne Corbett discusses the impact of the beauty industry on black-owned brands and shares insights on how these brands can authentically stand out. 

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Episode: 06

Retail Merchandising, Product and Packaging Aesthetics to Show up and Stand Out-Nichole Simms

In this episode of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, Megan Young Gamble interviews Nichole Simms, an expert in retail merchandising.

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Episode: 05

The Power of Collaboration and Streamlined Processes,

In this episode of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse™ podcast, host Megan Young Gamble and powerhouse guest Adrian Fernandez from ESKO Solutions discuss the challenges SMBs face with packaging artwork and the importance of effective artwork management.

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Episode: 04

The recipe for Manufacturing: Packaging, Capital and a Solid Plan

In this episode, Megan Young Gamble interviews SoJohna Bell, CEO of RYZE Manufacturing, an experienced entrepreneur in the beauty industry. 

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Episode: 03

Packaging Sustainability, Sales and Intentional Connections with Adam Peek 

In this episode, Adam Peek discusses the growing interest in sustainable packaging and the importance of understanding the financial and branding implications.

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Episode: 02

"Detour to Destination"- A personal journey from Pharmacy to Packaging

In this episode, Megan Young Gamble shares her personal detour journey, eventually finding success in the health, beauty, and wellness industry.

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Episode: 01

The Genesis of Product & Packaging Powerhouse

In this episode, Megan Young Gamble introduces the "Product & Packaging Powerhouse" podcast. She highlights the purpose of the podcast.

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The FAQs!

Have Questions? We have answers!

What is the mission of Product & Packaging Powerhouse™?

Our mission is simple: provide insight and trends on development of products to help brands and companies advance, ascend and accelerate their products into the marketplace. 

Who is the Product & Packaging Powerhouse™ Podcast for?

The show is for: Packaging Professionals, Project Leaders, Professionals seeking a transition into packaging and product development, CPG brands and founders, and anyone that likes to learn about CPG "behind the scene" team working on product development, packaging, and project management  sectors.

I'm just starting my brand-what can I gain from the show?

Great Question! There is SO much behind the development of the product and packaging. In the episode, you will learn from various industry leaders on the aspects of creating the product, launching, and afterward. 

I'm Interested in being interviewed-how do I book time?

We would LOVE to have you! Please click on THIS LINK to schedule your 1:! with our Host. 

We're dedicated to simplifying your business processes and helping you develop your product as packaging and project management experts.

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