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We are an Atlanta-based boutique project management firm working with committed, evolving and passionate entrepreneurs and businesses to help combat their project challenges using our exclusive LEVEL method. We offer expertise in strategic planning, change management, educational training and risk management in order to develop innovative concepts to help accelerate your project and business forward.

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Megan, The Project LevelHER
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  • So, the holidays are here and that means generating traffic to your website, page, etc. and generating sales. .
With this in mind, I want to share some tools and techniques as part of #TnT Tuesday that should be part of your holiday back-end office.
1. Email Marketing: if you do not have this established, be sure to do so TODAY! That ways your potential and current customers can know about upcoming events, receive insigntful information and whatever you would like to create and share to your exclusive list. Maybe offer an incentive for people joining your list, especially with the holidays 🤔
2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): this is a lifesaver for me and business as I not only have the opportunity to capture people information that submit inquiries on my website, but I also am able to schedule appointments, keep notes on current and past customers, and customer portal. Keep all your customer info stored in one place without having to go to various places for your customer info (...and some CRM integrate with some Email Marketing platforms) 
3. Accounting Software (preferably the version that also tracks your sales): This is help not "fat finger" doing manual transactions of your receipts and sales and automatically keep record of such to save you the headache and focus on your holiday blowouts!
For more tools that you can incorporate into your business, be sure to grab your FREE copy of The Level "A-Z" Resource Guide today! The tools to help you stay on track in the one-stop guide.
  • Are you in the black friday last minute stages? Can you handle the additional traffic to your site for one of the busiest days for shopping? Check out the 8 Last Min Tips to your Black Friday Blowout to help you gear up for the most anticipated (shopping) day so you can get these coins!
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  • profound words!

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